Starting Early: Girls


This is the third installment in a new series I started called “Starting Early”. It’s a chronicle of my early and first interaction with some of the things that come to define me today and how they have influenced me greatly. I would share stories of my first contact with Emails, Books, Music, Girls, Internet, Computers, etc. Enjoy! You can read the previous one on how I fell in love with emails here and the one on how I started writing here.

The first interaction I had with a girl was when I was two years old. I had this very beautiful cousin who was roughly my age too, she was a few months older. On my second birthday, we took a picture together in front of my cake, and the picture turned out fine. For some weird reason, everyone thought it was cool to refer to us as husband and wife despite the fact that we were cousins. We would play together, do the whole mummy and daddy games and all that stuff. I grew up getting fond of her until we grew apart at some point mainly because her parents had to relocate to another part of town so they couldn’t come over as frequently as they used to.

The second time was in primary school, I was in primary three or four, there was this girl names Fatima or something (or was it Folake, not sure), I must have forgotten her name. Fatima was one of the finest girls in glass. One time our class teacher, one Mr. Ajetumobi or something flogged me for flopping my book reviews. They had given me a book to read and review, but because I didn’t like the book, I chose another one and read, then came to review the book of my choice, he was having none of it, so he flogged me mercilessly. Fatima was the only person to console me in the whole class, she shared her biscuits with me so I would stop crying, I was crying really mercilessly without shame. Fatima was there by my side. That was how we got close and we became friends. One incident that makes me laugh till today – one time when we were done with school, I was waiting for the driver to come pick me up, and then Fatima walked by, and *drum rolls* I put my hands in my pocket, and then called her, she came and I asked her where she was going to, she said she was going home (wasn’t it obvious??), then with hands still in my pocket, I told her to go on. She gave me a hug and I think I tried to steal a kiss on the cheek like I had seen on TV, I only ended up getting one on her shoulder, I didn’t have the guts to go through with the original plan. I felt so good that day that I could call Fatima with my hands in my pocket and she could come. We would share our lunch and do every other thing together. You know, I’m not even sure her name is Fatima, but I’m pretty sure it starts with an “F”. I had to leave town abruptly and change schools so we lost touch. Never been in touch with her ever since. Didn’t even know I still harboured these fond memories of her before I started writing this.

There were several other interactions with girls but they were pretty much subdued because I had gotten involved in church, was a Child Pastor, knew the ills of adultery and fornication so I didn’t even bother coming close to girls. I used to be so immune to “girl-awe” that at some point people thought I was abnormal – it wasn’t a thing to be gay then so no one felt I was gay – but even at some point, I had to ask myself if I was normal until I met one girl. Her name was Stephanie, I was in JS 2 or something, she must have been the first girl I made knew I liked her, we were both young so it was a bit funny to us. She changed schools before anything could even materialize.

Hold on, I can’t really go about mentioning names. I’ve had encounters with a whole lot of girls. I remember one time I when I had to hide my number to talk to one girl in my class, I’d steal lines from those “200+ Text Messages” books and send her romantic messages about how my heart burns for her and blehhh, then one time I called her, she kept trying to figure out who it was until I blew my cover. I couldn’t even talk to her the next day in class. That was the end. Or was it the one time I sent a girl a text telling her I loved her, and then she called me almost immediately saying she loved me too and asked for us to meet the next day. I was freaked out, I didn’t know what it meant to love someone, I was so naive, the next day I ran away and kept avoiding her till she got tired and got angry with me.

So many funny memories. I grew up seeing a relationship as a sin, and basically trying to struggle against the desires of my flesh and the things I had been taught in church. That struggle continued all through my adolescence until I getting to the tail end of my teenage years. And I wonder what my life would have been if I was taught earlier on. The first time I felt I was in love or so, I remember asking myself if this was what if felt like, it felt so wonderful that I was angry that I had missed out all through the years.

On the flipside, that orientation helped me in my interactions with girls, was never distracted or neither did I try to be phony. As a result, I got very good with the girls, had many of them as friends, I think my best friendships have been with females. I also like the fact that I was introduced to this world of emotions late, at least it meant I was able to do something meaningful during my teenage years.

The first time I tried to ask a girl out, I had to google, then do rehearsals with my friends and memorized all my lines, it was quite funny, and then when it turned out well, I was happy. I remember all the taunts I used to get back in school from friends who always went through the length to remind me of how I was not making moves. So, when I finally got one over the line, at my first attempt too, I felt good. I actually have a good record of not having any girl say no to me ever. But that is also because I’m not driven by testosterone or other hormones. I would advice young boys to leave women, these days I don’t see them as a big deal, I don’t even think there’s any female I can’t walk up to, because I grew up seeing them not as sexual objects but as honorable species. That respect remains visible when I talk with them, it gets mutual.

So yeah, that’s my early experience with girls


Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

To Cheat or Not To Cheat

No! Where will I go from here? What will happen to my children! Mama Nkechi wailed, she couldn’t control the outburst, at first glance life seemed cruel. She had just lost her husband to a fatal motor accident. Her husband died while trying to dodge a pothole not knowing there was a car behind him. The rest they say; is history. That was a pothole – just a pothole! The Gongola express way was constructed not up to 2 months ago – and already there was a pothole! Why should a road constructed not up to 2 months ago have potholes? It had already claimed lives! A deep inquiry into that road observed that the constructors didn’t mix the right quantity of granite and coal tar leading to the disintegration the supposedly finely ground mixtures. Now the question is this? Why would a construction engineer not know how to mix granite and coal tar? This is one of the basics that construction engineers learn in school. Why would a construction engineer not know how to mix granite and coal tar? What then has he been learning or had learnt. It then shows you that the construction engineer was not properly examined then. One of the purpose of examination is to test your knowledge in a particular area or field. An examination helps you become knowledgeable in your field of study, it gives you an opportunity to exercise your brain thereby helping you become mentally active and alert.
Cheating in an exam deprives you of all these numerous benefits, cheating in an exam makes you a CHEAT. Why would you cheat in an exam if you are asked “1 + 1 = ?” You simply know the answer is 2 meaning you cheat because you don’t know. If you know; you won’t cheat. Simple! Then when you leave school with good grades, you feel you will be able to succeed with an empty brain? IMPOSSIBLE! What stops you from reading your book and been knowledgeable in your field? There’s an adage that says “play now, pay later but pay now; play later.” The latter is a motto we should all adopt. How would you feel if you were that construction engineer? Will your conscience be able to withstand the fact that your inefficiency turned mama Nkechi into a widow?
The doctor that kills a patient just because of a simple little mistake, the electrical engineer that doesn’t get the connection of wires right thereby making your TV burn, the lawyer that doesn’t win an important case, that teacher that doesn’t teach well; they are all products of exam malpractice. In the long run; these guys won’t be able to last in any organization they find themselves in. That construction engineer would soon be out of job if he constructs another bad road and when he eventually realises he doesn’t know anything; he’s gonna resort to robbery and become a nuisance to the society with his dreams shattered. All because he didn’t pay while in school in order to play later.
I have given you a tangible reason to cheat; you can cheat in your exams if u want to become a heart breaker, a cheat, a murderer. CHEAT if you want to end up like that construction engineer, cheat if you want to see more and more people like Mama Nkechi wail every day. BUT if you want to become the new Thomas Edison, the new Julius Berger, the new Ben Carson; pay now; read hard now and play later; reaping your rewards thereafter.
If you want to be proud in your field of study; read to know for when you know; you’ll pass. Don’t cheat in your exam!
I rest my case. Gracìás

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.
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