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This is the second installment in a new series I started called “Starting Early”. It’s going to be a chronicle of my early and first interaction with some of the things that come to define me today and how they have influenced me greatly. I would share stories of my first contact with Emails, Books, Music, Girls, Internet, Computers, etc. Enjoy! You can read the first one on how I started writing emails here.

Image Source: The Black Homes School

Image Source: The Black Homes School

I’m laughing as I write this.

Today someone asked me when I started writing, and it made me look back in time. How and when did writing become a thing for me? No clear answer, but allow me share some random experiences I’ve had with people and things over the years.

Let me start by talking about Naija Stories. You see, seven years ago, I used to spend all my internet time going through the Naija Stories website. At one point, I had read every single thing they had on their site. As a matter of fact, it was reading the stories on NaijaStories that make me think I could write as well if not better. I registered to be a writer, although I never posted anything, but that was the first step. I think spending so much time reading stuff over the internet had rubbed off on me, I know this because I rarely visited the NaijaStories site as much as I used to before I created my own blog.

Another random story is that I joined Facebook in 2009, and then I used to do this thingy I called “Miroc FM” every evening. I called it an Online Radio, and I’d usually sum up some of the things I’ve been up to and news around in the world in a Facebook Status Update. Then I used to spend time reading though new on Yahoo! And MSN too. Miroc FM did really well, I used to get loads of comment from people looking forward to the next post and dropping their reactions. It was a good thing to have, maybe if I had a mentor, it would have metamorphosed into a conglomerate now, who knows!

In high school, my classmates used mock me by saying my father was a newspaper vendor. This is because every day after school, I would stop by the Newspaper Vendor spot at the bus stop and read newspaper for hours. I’d stay there till evening reading through papers and engaging in debates and arguments with older men who came to read as well. I would argue with my school uniforms still on. What a statement. They called people like me members of the Free Readers Association, people who would read newspapers but never buy. That was misleading though, as you had to pay a token to read. My classmates didn’t understand my quest for knowledge inside newspapers. They felt newspapers were for old men, for our parents not young boys like us who had school books to face. While they stayed back after school to play football and talk to girls, I’d hurriedly leave for the Newspaper Stand. This was way before Online Media became a thing.

A little background on why I loved reading. I was privileged to grow up while my mom was getting her Undergraduate degree. So because I rarely left the house to play with kids, I had to find ways of keeping myself busy, so I would regularly pick my mom’s lecture notes and Text books and read. One of such books remain stuck to me, the title was “The Cooperative Identity” by one Emenike or something. I even created a song from the title of the book. I loved reading that book. I read the other complicated books too, mind you I was around 7 years old when I started reading all these university books. In Primary school, me and my classmates used to battle for the fastest writer while the teacher wrote on the board. In a bid to always win that contest, I had gotten used to writing practices at home, I would recopy random things till my book got filled. I also grew up looking at my mother’s diary from the 90s, way before I was born. I remember one touching day while I read her diary entries from the period when I was pregnant, I could feel her emotions as I read her entries about being scared she had miscarried me. It think this was my first interface with how important it was to document things. This helped me a great deal when I was in the Debate Team, I won most of my debate battles because I was sure of my points and could defend them.

Years later I remember I had a special diary where I recorded all details about one of the World cup tournaments. From scorers to major events. Every single thing, from the beginning of the tournament till the Final. At some point, I used to keep a diary of what I wore every day. Nothing I didn’t write about or read

Credit must also go to my mom. She used to have all kinds of book around the house. I remember reading Julius Caesar and an 8-year-old and getting confused. I had to show her words I didn’t understand she duly explained them to me. I was reading books way too strong for my brain back then. From Politics to Relationship to Personal Development. I then had a senior friend who loved my quest for knowledge and made it his duty to always buy me books. It was delirious, I had several books. I would stay up all night reading books, oblivious of my immediate environment, even shunning food.

Wow! Some of these memories came as I was writing, some of what I have described are almost 20 years old, so you can imagine the nostalgia I was going through as I described them. I might be a special child after all. There’s more but I think these will do for now.

So when did I start writing? I can’t put a time to it. But I’ve been in a romance with the pen and paper ever since I can remember, albeit in different forms and expressions.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

The Principle of Digging

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I have been so busy lately; however, neglecting this blog because of how busy I have been lately will be purely cruel to the beautiful soul that is this blog. Most of the opportunities I have gotten came because of this blog, and this is what I want to talk about today. A principle I have termed “The Principle of Digging”.

I was never sure of how good I was as a writer, five years ago when I mused starting a blog, it wasn’t because I was a good writer, and it wasn’t even because people pushed me to open one. I will share that story with you. Circa five years ago, I used to spend most of my time on the internet reading other people’s blogs, at some point back then, I had read every single post ever posted on, I was that deep into reading stuff on the internet.

I became awed at some of the awesome things I read and kept wondering how a human could craft such gold. Then I began to ask myself; if a human like you wrote this, there’s no way you can’t write stuff like this, and considering the fact that I had enough ammunition (back then, I read a book every two weeks), I felt I could give it a try.

For most people, that is where they stop; “feeling like trying”, but they never ever get to try. I mulled over starting this blog, but I never doubted myself one bit. I knew once I carved my own niche and defined my parameters, I will be same from the executioner. I also knew about the Principle of Digging

The Principle of Digging states that “so long as you keep digging, the wells shall eventually burst albeit it after a long time”.

I knew that so long as I kept trying to write and post, I will eventually come good. If you scroll through my archives to my first set of posts, you’d see how brutally honest I was with my thoughts without trying to mince words; that was me in my niche. Look through, I’d never gone more than two months at a stretch without posting something, because I knew I couldn’t afford to lose momentum. The more I kept posting, the better I would become albeit after a long time.

Look at me now, I have made money and gotten connections as a result of the crappy things I post on this blog. Who would have thought that five years ago when I started this blog, I would become better today considering I was no Wole Soyinka incarnate?

You can then begin to imagine the numerous things in your life you’ve passed on because you didn’t feel up to it, or because you felt you needed to practice more? I didn’t need practice, my practice was on this blog (the posts are there for you to see), I was proud of my mistakes.

When I decided to change states and become independent, I didn’t get a hang of it, had no clue what my tomorrow was going to look like. But I knew life obeyed the Principle of Digging, I knew so long as I kept getting at it, I’d eventually come good. It has also kept me at work, so many times I get disappointed at myself for the quality of work I produce, but I don’t get worried or discouraged at all, I know so long as I keep getting at it, I will eventually come through, it would only take time.

Looking back at my life, I laugh now seeing how frightened I became at the Goliath of those days (they always took different forms those days), I remember going to bed most nights terrified about what the next day would bring, but I knew I’d come good if I keep getting at it.

Look at me now…I’m better off. Start digging, it definitely won’t be easy but the wells shall eventually burst.

Stay True!

– Miracle Roch

Writing Relief

How writing can be a relief to me I will never fully understand to be able to put it in writing. Trust me, I really what to be able to fully write about the ecstasy and joy that thrills my whole being anytime I write but it still doesn’t flow.

I was getting scared, as I walked back from class to my room, I was thinking about all the motions my life has been going through and it pretty much seemed to be the same thing it was last year. Nothing new, just an upgrade or aversion to what has always been there. Was this how I was going to live? I figured out how big a distraction school was, you get so engrossed in trying to make good grades that life slowly passes you by without you knowing that there’s no time again.

Even when people change, the new ones only follow the scripts of the old ones. Everyone seem to be the same, the good ones, the bad ones and the ugly ones. Changing the people in your life don’t even really seem to change much because the new people still do the same things, you don’t really start to do something new, you just do the same things you do rather differently.

Typically, my fears are being erased as I write this no wonder the first thing I did was to open my laptop lid and starting writing. But, I’m not allowing my writing affection overshadow the fact that slowly we are running round circles. It doesn’t matter that we get to the tip of the circle on the other end only to still fall back to where we started off, right now I’m so in love with the words “slow and steady”.

This is my fifth paragraph and basically I’ve not pinpointed anything but I have been writing. Ok, I think it’s time we stopped playing around, let us add some magnitude and direction to the vector quantity that this piece is turning out to be (pun intended).

What have I been trying to say? Simple. I love writing and as a result whatever state I may be in doesn’t affect that love. I have discovered how powerful my imaginative being comes into play once I start writing. The only thing that came into my mind was the words “writing relief”. All I have typed so far have just flowed, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t even pause or a second while writing this. So where have all these things I have written so far come from? Are you trying to tell me these things have been somewhere in me?

Imagine I didn’t pick up my laptop, imagine I was waiting for “inspiration” before I could pen down a few things under this title. Chances are if I had to wait for some kinda revelation, this piece wouldn’t be born. Could that be the reason why your life has been revolving round circles too? Are you afraid of publishing a piece you didn’t take the time to think up like me? Are you afraid your next piece won’t get the public approval that you so crave? Are you still waiting on some inspiration? Why don’t you pick up the laptop first and start typing?! Who knows, in writing, you may discover the key to something the whole world has earnestly been waiting on you to discover.

I just glanced through what I have written so far and I’m proud. I have written something good (my opinion) and to think of the fact that I just sat here typing aimlessly without even thinking up what to type is a great sense of joy. Don’t wait till you get the money for that textbook, you can start now to try to give us an equation that will counter Pythagoras’ Theorem. It isn’t farfetched, just pick up a pen or whatever and start scribbling and who knows…

After reading this piece myself, I know my life won’t run round circles again, I know I would be set on a different path, I know I’m gonna add a new dimension to the things revolving around me, is that an evolution or a revolution? You decide.


Stay True!

– Miracle Roch.


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